Become a Pilot

Become a Pilot

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One Day Taster more details

If you’re not sure if paragliding is the sport for you and you would just like to try it, we run a One Day Taster Course. As its name suggests, the course is designed to give you an introduction to the sport of paragliding. Once you have completed this course you can move on the next stage; an EP course if you want to.

This price includes one day’s BHPA membership (£10).

Taster Day £160

The Elementary Pilot (EP) Course, (3 days) more details

Most students achieve their EP in four days (Taster Day, plus an EP Course) of training. These days do not have to be consecutive. Achieving EP rating simply passes you ‘fit for further training’ and qualifies you to enrol on the Novice (Club) Pilot course. This price includes a free Lazer ‘B-Cool’ helmet for you to keep. If you want to, you can upgrade it to a different type and just pay the difference.

EP Course £480

The Novice (Club) Pilot (CP) Course (6 days) more details

Building on the skills that you gained on your EP course, you will learn how fly in stronger wind and to plan your flight in such a way that you can stay in the air for longer ‘the art of soaring flight’.

You will learn how to land on the side of the hill (saves walking up from the bottom). Then comes the day when you take off, rise above your take-off point, carry out your soaring tasks and land back where you started from. Yes, the-walking-up-the-hill-days are over; your smile will last a whole week!

Throughout the course you will receive lectures which go into greater detail on the subjects of Air Law, Principles of Flight and Meteorology. You will be encouraged to read up on these subjects in preparation for your CP exam. With your CP flying tasks completed, a good pass mark in your exam (70% or more) and a successful final assessment by our Chief Flying Instructor should see your school days over.

In due course, the BHPA will send you a Novice (Club) Pilot rating card and pack, but please remember; although Novice (Club) Pilot status is the highest rating gained in the School, it is the minimum requirement to allow you to go recreational flying.

At this point you will need to join your local Paragliding Club and it is within this club environment that your flying skills will develop as you fly from different sites with friends and other club members.

The option to purchase a CP course is not available on-line. You will need to discuss your training and payment options (among other things) with our Chief Flying Instructor before he will allow you to commence your CP training (not everyone has what it takes).

Paramotor Training Courses more details

So, what is a paramotor?

A paramotor is a paraglider with an engine. Not everyone wants to fly just a glider, so what we can also do; is teach you how to launch the paraglider from flat ground with a motor.

To enrol on an Introduction Course, you will need to have done a Taster Day first. This enables you to get to grips with the wing before we introduce you to the motor.

To enrol on a Conversion Course you will need to be a ‘current’ BHPA qualified Club Pilot.

Two Day Paramotor Introduction Course £360 Click
Two Day Paramotor Conversion Course £360 Click

BHPA ‘Pilot’ Rating & BeyondOnce you have completed the Novice (CP) course, you may be invited to join us on one of our many foreign flying holidays. Click on Skygypsy Tours

(our holiday club). On this link you will also find details of advanced courses and tandem flying.

Local Paragliding clubs:

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